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Roomba 650 | A Detailed Review Roomba Robot Reviews

The iRobot Roomba 650 is the replacement for the 500-series models that hit the market several years ago. It has been upgraded with better technology since the original release of the 560 model. The firmware has also been improved to help it maneuver around floor spaces and detect dirt more efficiently. It has the patented 3-stage cleaning system that has been employed with success since its introduction. The cleaning head has also seen an improvement since the 500-series models originally were introduced. This has been met with a positive response from the majority of owners who have bought the device and put it to good use.

Features & Benefits3-Stage Cleaning System: The cleaning system acts the same as a dust pan and broom would. It has the ability to sweep dirt under the device, and uses the brushes with vacuum system to pick-up dirt, pet hair, and other particles off any floor space it is cleaning.AeroVac Technology: The airflow from the vacuum gathers and removes the pet hair and other particles the brushes picks-up while it moves around. It then compacts them into the bin to allow for the maximum amount of space to be filled before it needs to be removed and dumped into the trash bin. It also has the AeroVac filter that traps in allergens to ensure they don’t escape back into the air after it has cleaned over an area.Improved Brush Design: More hair and dust particles are able to be pulled off the brushes than previous series. This enables it to clean for longer periods of time with more efficiency before they have to be cleaned off.Virtual Wall Technology: The infrared technology tells the unit to stay in a certain area and clean it before it moves onto the next space. It can also be used to tell it to stay away from stairs or to move past a room that does not require cleaning.Scheduling: The Roomba 650 gives users the ability to program up to 7 cleaning cycles per week. This added feature has been a positive upgrade for users who want a more self sufficient device.Dirt Detect System: The unit has sensors that can detect areas that have built up more dirt. It can then spend extra time cleaning that particular spot before it moves onto another cleaning area.

Why the Roomba 650?

The new dust bin is an improvement over the previous 500-series models. It is able to pick up more debris around the floor, and has less chance of clogging up than the former series did on floor surfaces. It also has the ability to return to its docking station to recharge if it starts running low on battery power. The all black design might be a better fit for some owners who did not like the grey colors of the 630 model. The overall size is still the same at approximately 13.9-inches in width, and stands 3.6-inches tall in height.

ConsFirmware Upgrades: Some users have found it does not employ an easy way to upgrade the firmware. It does not have an option to plug-in via USB to do the upgrades, and can take time to self-update.Battery Life: Although it lasts longer than the previous 500-series models, some users have felt it still does not last long enough before it has to return to the docking station to recharge.Dust Bin: Some users may have to empty it out on a daily basis depending on the size of area it is cleaning, and the foot traffic that goes through the floor surfaces.

Who is it best for?

The on-board scheduling has been the main reason why people skip over the 630 Roomba and instead go for the Roomba 650 instead. The hardware upgrades that include the improved brush design, battery life, and cleaning power help give it a solid boost over the 500-series models that it was meant to replace. The price has also dropped significantly since the 700 models and the Roomba 880 have hit the market. This is a more economical choice for people who don’t need all the extra features and benefits the higher models provide to users.

Compare prices of the Roomba 650 below >>What’s In The Box:

1 x iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Robot including AeroVac Bin

1 x Home Base (Self-Charging)

1 x Battery Charger

1 x BONUS AeroVac Filter

1 x Auto Virtual-Wall (requiring 2 C batteries, not included)

1-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty On Robot, 6-Month Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty On BatterySpecifications: Package Dimensions: 17 x 5 x 18 inches. Package Weight: 11.8 lbs. Robot Dimensions: 13.39 inches in diameter, 3.62 inches in height. Robot Weight: 7.9 lbs.  Contents may vary depending on SupplierRead Tech SpecsWhich Roomba is Best for Your Home?

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